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10 Commandments for Investors

10 Commandments for Investors

May 09, 2017

Recently headlines show that monies are now pouring into International and Emerging Markets investments, because they have done well....lately.  

As you know, we are not in favor of chasing any particular type of investment but prefer rather, a long term, globally allocated and highly diversified approach.  

As expressions of our philosophy, we are fond of sayings such as "it's time, not timing" and "build a portfolio that you can live with, and then live with it".  

With this in mind, we present to you a very insightful presentation by Patrick Sweeny, a co-founder of Symmetry Partners, called the 10 Commandments for Investors.  Younger investors may learn important principals in this short ten-minute video that will form the basis for developing a successful investment strategy for years to come.  More mature investors may find this to be a helpful refresher.  

Please watch and respond back with questions or comments, also letting us know if you'd like to schedule a meeting or call.