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For most investors, investments are the engine that helps drive your plan.  Major life goals such as a comfortable retirement or looking after loved ones are largely made possible by your portfolio. Instead of the speculation and guesswork that characterize far too much of investing today, we use an Evidence-Based investment philosophy grounded in decades of data and extensive academic research, including the insights of 12 Nobel laureates.

This means that the financial plans we build together are designed to help you achieve your most important goals with confidence. We start with where you want to go in life—then plan your money around it, using our flexible MoneyMap process. We believe a consistent, long-term approach is essential, but aren’t afraid to embrace new research when it can make a real difference for investors.

We also go to exceptional lengths to try and minimize every fraction of returns lost to income taxes, transaction costs, and other inefficiencies. 

Our Distinctive Investment Approach

1) Evidence-based

Evidence-Based & Factor Focused

We begin with decades of data and analysis--including insights from some of the best minds in academia--on the investment factors of return that can help decrease risk and increase potential returns in your portfolio.

2) Best-Of-Breed


Using a rigorous screening process, we identify and implement an exclusive, optimized blend of institutional money managers for each portfolio.

3) Disciplined & Independent

Disciplined & Independent

The portfolios we build for our clients (also available in Tax-Managed and Values-Based options) employ an exclusive blend of top Institutional Money Managers and offer a world of smart- diversification with thousand of stocks and bonds invested in more than 50 countries around the world.

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Whether you are just starting out, nearing retirement, or already there, we have the experience, insights, and solutions to help you achieve your most important goals. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and see how the Henry Wealth Team can make a real difference for you and your family.

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