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Follow up to Symmetry Partners Webinar

March 19, 2020
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Many of you participated in our March 17th webinar with Patrick Sweeny (co-founder) and Dana D’Auria (head of research) of Symmetry Partners. For those who did, thank you and we have appreciated getting much favorable feedback. To those who were unable to join us, we will be sending out a replay of this important presentation on Friday, March 20th. 

On a personal level, it’s painful to see endless stories of people infected, streets empty, restaurants closed, events cancelled and hospitals getting filled. Moreover we have clients who own restaurants and gyms and others who have had to close up their shops for now. It's scary to think how long this may last and even more so as you may be thinking, “will I be able to recover and in the meantime, make ends meet?” I'm praying that you will and that we all will. 

On a professional level, certainly you have been watching the impact the Coronavirus has had on your portfolio. It’s painful to see such losses on your well-diversified accounts. For those who have not succumbed to panic selling, which at this time is ALL of you, despite declining share prices your losses are for now, only “paper losses.” You have not surrendered and sold your shares, which is when a temporary loss becomes permanent.

Thank you for your business and trust and for doing your part. Seriously. You have trusted your plan AND your planners and for that we are grateful. Hopefully we have demonstrated that Symmetry Partners has been and remains a very capable asset management partner.

We’re here for you. Please call and/or email with any comments or questions. Hopefully in the very near future, we'll be seeing you again, in person. In the meantime, catch our video release tomorrow.