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Debt Ceiling Debacle - What You Need To Know

May 11, 2023

I have previously highlighted the work of Kara Murphy, the Chief Investment Officer of our broker-dealer, Kestra Investment Management. Kara is a highly respected industry professional who appears regularly on news programs such as Bloomberg and CNBC, and is often quoted in a variety of periodicals.  

Please click this link to read her excellent piece, entitled Debt Ceiling Debacle.

We are committed to keeping you informed on events that may take aim at your portfolio. Yet as you've heard me state many times, the investment mantra at Henry Wealth Management remains: "Build a portfolio that you can live with, then live with it." As always, we are here to offer guidance, answer questions, and calm fears. We believe this latest challenge, one way or another, will pass and capitalism, which constantly offers new ideas, creates new companies and spawns new industries, will continue to drive us forward.