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Q1 Done! Treat Your Portfolio Like Your Home (...and don't sell)

April 01, 2020

I am pleased to share this inaugural, three minute WORK FROM HOME video that draws a parallel to selling your home versus selling your investment portfolio. Click to watch, Henry Wealth WFH MOMENT #12: Treat Your Portfolio Like Your Home.

Let's be real; you're going to receive March 31st statements soon and they will not be pretty. The Dow was down 23.20%, which is its worst first quarter ever! The majority of our clients are not allocated that aggressively, so your losses will be less but of course, still painful. Yet let's try to put this into an important perspective.

In 2007-09, your home may have taken a hit, on paper. It did not shrink in size but your fair market value may have dropped due to the recession at that time. For some the reduction may have been as little as 10% but for others as much as 30%! Did this temporary loss cause you to think about putting a For Sale sign in your front yard? 

In addition, there may be a real opportunity at this time to refinance your mortgage. I'll briefly explain in this video what Beth and I are doing with ours.  

As for your Henry Wealth Management Team, Dan, Tracey and I are working hard from our homes, to proactively reach out to you both individually and also through these Blog Posts. I do ask you to review each one and even consider sharing them. Please also share with us any questions or concerns that you might have.

Stay safe. Please join us in praying for our leaders and front-line workers, and thank you for your business and trust.

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