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Might the Market have reached its Bottom?

April 06, 2020

Could it be possible that stocks have already hit bottom? That question is the subject of hot debate, yet I wanted to share an excellent article written by Sam Ro, the Managing Editor of Yahoo Finance on the morning of April 6th. Seems like Sam was correct, at least for one day, as the Dow powered ahead for a 7.73% gain on April 6 and other indices posted similar gains. Will it continue is the $64,000 question...

Please review his remarks nonetheless and see if you agree with his "V-Shaped" recovery outlook, which he believes could come much earlier than most think. This because the market is forward-thinking and may have already priced-in what is happening and is prepared for more worse COVID-19 news to come. Click this link to read: The stock market may have already bottomed: Morning Brief

Whether recovery comes sooner than you think or later, you know that our belief at Henry Wealth Management is to HOLD ON to your well-diversified portfolio,one which has been allocated with your unique goals and time frames in mind. Temporary loss becomes permanent when we react. Let's not.  

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