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Replay of Symmetry Webinar from April 14th

April 21, 2020
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    As you know, we recently promoted a webinar conducted by Symmetry Partners that was held on April 14th. I am pleased to share a replay of this very educational presentation, which drilled home important reasons to be a patient, long-term investor. It further provided excellent rationale as to why Symmetry uses a “factor-based” approach to allocating assets.

    Don’t have 58 minutes to invest?

    • Fast forward to 40.45 to hear a new insightful concept called, “Bob, the world’s worst market-timer.” After seeing this, you’ll be much less concerned about making an investment of excess cash at the wrong time, especially when investing into a portfolio designed with your goals, time-frame and risk tolerance in mind. 

    We’re available to discuss this presentation in greater detail, to hear your comments and to answer your questions. To our clients, thank you for your business and trust.