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Separate your Politics from your Portfolio

November 03, 2020

Well it’s finally here. Election Day 2020 has arrived and maybe today we’ll know if Trump/Pence gets four more years or if Biden/Harris gets four new years.

But what about your portfolio? For most of us, we will need growth or growth with income well beyond the next four years. So what are you to do if your party does not win?

You have heard me speak of and share Brian Wesbury commentaries and videos before. He is the Chief Economist at First Trust Portfolios and a respected guru in my book. Let me encourage you to watch Brian's recent three-minute excellent video by clicking here: Wesbury 101: The 2020 Election and Stocks

Now let me also share this very important chart that he refences entitled, GROWTH OF $10,000 IN THE S&P 500 SINCE 1949 (see below). The results are crystal clear! Investing only when your party wins the presidency and running to cash when your party loses would have yielded FAR LESS than separating your politics from your portfolio and remaining invested the entire time.

So whether you are popping a cork tonight (or soon as the case may be) or popping a few Tylenol, let me encourage you to vote to keep your long-term portfolio for the long-term.