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Surviving ’20. Thriving in ’21 and Beyond? / Webinar Save the Date

January 08, 2021
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As it relates to your portfolio, the year 2020 started with great promise, yet COVID-19 turned ’20's promise into panic! During a five-week stretch from mid-February through the end of March, stocks as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial Average, plummeted 33%! Fear was all the rage and many investors bailed on their portfolios. Yet clients of Henry Wealth Management, except in a few outlying instances, did…NOTHING!

That is not to say that you welcomed and embraced unprecedented volatility and a sudden rapid plunge into bear market territory. None of us did, yet most of us REFRAINED FROM REACTING! That, in our opinion, is always the correct response. Thank you for heeding our advice to “build a portfolio that you can live with, and then live with it.”  

Now the question is, can we thrive in ’21 and beyond? You’ve heard that the stock market does not like uncertainty. If so, two huge unknowns of ’20, those being politics and a pandemic, are now much clearer. Whether you are a fan or not, there will be a political blue wave for at least 2 years, while the vaccination wave has just begun. In addition, corporate profits are up in many sectors, unemployment should continue to reduce and interest rates and inflation should remain low and steady. These factors should be positives for stocks.

We’ll take deeper than just a few paragraphs of commentary, by inviting you to participate in a Webinar with our friends from Symmetry Partners entitled Surviving ’20. Thriving in ’21 and Beyond? Please save the date, Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 12:00 PM EST and we will send another Blog soon with more details and a registration link.

We’re here for questions, concerns or comments. We also wish our highly valued clients and friends of our firm a very happy 2021!