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Nervous about COVID-19 and your Portfolio? See these charts.

August 06, 2020

So far 2020 has been one of the most volatile market years ever and we're only 7+ months in. Despite dire economic forecasts, which in the 1st quarter were essentially coronavirus-related only, the vast majority of our clients have indeed held onto their long-term portfolios and did what we advised them to do, which was, NOTHING! What you did do was to buckle your seatbelts and repeat the mantra, "It's not market timing but time in the market that matters."

In the 2nd quarter and on into the 3rd, that strategy, that mindset, that resolve you exercised really paid off. Yet that said, even with a historic climb-back that has almost matched the historic free-fall, we still live with great uncertainty, still primarily virus-related yet now influenced by social justice protests and riots and a presidential election that is less than three months away.

Our firm has gained much perspective from an excellent resource that has been developed and disseminated by First Trust Portfolios, an investment management company that we have great respect for. The COVID-19 TRACKER as shown below, contains key six charts that for one, helps me to believe that as a nation, that we have a better handle on this virus than you might be otherwise led to believe. We certainly have a long way to go and do need and pray for an effective vaccine to be developed, yet some of these key metrics that First Trust presents seem to have us pointed in the right direction. 

If interested, you can also view these charts as a pdf by clicking this link COVID-19 TRACKER as of July 2020. Additionally, if you would like to receive these charts updated on a weekly basis, go to, fill in the required fields and then check the box for Brian Wesbury's Research Reports. 

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