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Understanding Market Volatility And What To Do?

May 11, 2022

Stock and bond markets have had a wild ride in 2022 and especially, thus far in Q2. What’s driving this recent volatility and what’s an investor to do?

You may recall in our recent March 23rd Blog, that I introduced my friend and colleague Kara Murphy. She is the very talented and respected Chief Investment Officer with my broker-dealer, Kestra Financial. Please do click here to read her recent blog entitled, MARKETS IN A MINUTE: MARKET VOLATILITY.

I hope your post-read takeaways based on Kara's assessment are as follows:

  • Volatility may not be fun, but it is normal.
  • The financial markets have consistently rewarded those remain patient during heightened periods of volatility.
  • Portfolios over-exposed to “growth” stocks have really been hit hard, while those with more of a balance between growth and “value” (which is our philosophy) are faring much better.
  • Your portfolio should be built as a reflection of your personal goals, time frames, and propensity towards risk.
  • Now is an excellent buying opportunity for those with excess cash, which we define as monies over and above emergency needs (a six-month living expense cushion) and upcoming planned expenditures.

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