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WEBINAR REPLAY: Fear-Proof Your Investment Journey

August 17, 2023

Investors often grapple with a multitude of emotions when navigating uncertain financial times. Maintaining a steady hand on their portfolios can become challenging when facing fears, namely, on one end, the fear of losing principal, as well as the opposite, the pervasive FOMO phenomenon – the fear of missing out. These polarizing emotions can prompt investors to deviate from their well-constructed, highly diversified portfolios, pushing them into either overly conservative or excessively aggressive stances.

Click here to explore a dynamic and informative 27-minute webinar entitled Fear-Proof Your Investment JourneyThis resource is designed to empower you with valuable insights and strategic approaches to effectively tackle these investment-related fears, ultimately charting a course toward enduring financial success. Hosted by Phil Henry, this engaging session features the expertise of distinguished guests Greg Trzaski and Mike Storer from Symmetry Partners. Join us to fortify your investment acumen and look to your financial future with confidence.