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We're Still Bullish. Here's Why (with a big assist from Brian Wesbury).

September 02, 2021

“Malaise du jour” is a French term that means, “problem of the day.” In my many years as a financial services professional, there has always been a malaise of one form or another that has tried to pull long-term investors to the sidelines, or prevent them from adding in additional funds from excess reserves. Some current challenges include, wars, rumors of wars, political divisiveness, higher potential taxes, and rising inflation.

According to Brian Wesbury, the Chief Economist at First Trust Portfolios, someone I have known and trusted for many years, there are several overriding factors that supersede all of today’s perceived malaises. These factors are the essence of Brian's bullish outlook.

I invite you to click the link to watch his most recent Wesbury 101 video entitled, 5000: Wesbury 101 Video: 5000. Published 8/31/21

Certainly, based on a clients' age, timeframe, and propensity towards risk, most are not 100% invested in stocks. Yet whatever equity percentage we have agreed to, we want you to be confident with that allocation and only make changes because of a change to your goals, not because of changing headlines.  

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