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What To Do When Markets React?

December 05, 2022

Recently a marketing service that Henry Wealth subscribes to sent a video to our clients entitled, "When Markets React". It was a short, animated story which highlighted three previous Bear markets that jolted investors, namely, the aftermath of Pearl Harbor in 1929, Black Monday from 1987, and 9/11, from 2001. 

Please watch, or re-watch as the case may be, this impactful message about having a diversified portfolio and then sticking with a strategy during periods of extreme turbulence. This concept may be re-stated another way, our way, which you've heard from us before: "Build a portfolio that you can live with, and then live with it".

In between scheduled reviewed meetings, we are always available to discuss any part of your financial plan. Please also know how grateful we are for introductions to friends and loved ones, too. Click here to watch When Markets React and thank you for your business and trust.