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Why Factoring In "Investment Factors" Is Important

May 27, 2021

Our clients have heard me speak about the importance of building an investment portfolio utilizing what are called investment factors. Our preferred asset management provider, Symmetry Partners, is a highly-regarded firm specializing in this area. For the past 25 years they have been following the science," that is, the financial science, building factor-based portfolios utilizing rigorous academic research.  

Please watch this interesting three-minute video about factor investing. If you are an existing client, this message should serve to confirm the strategies that you are already deploying. If you are newer to our firm, this message will provide you with valuable information.

At Henry Wealth Management, we know “The First Thing We Earn Is Trust.” Thank you for giving us that opportunity. Click the link top watch this animated short, Factors of Investment Returns. We’re here for any questions or comments.